Lumberjack - Waste Bag Holder * sale read the description

Lumberjack - Waste Bag Holder * sale read the description

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🚨 this bag is launched in sale because we mistakenly sewn with white thread instead of black you can see on the photo  🚨

Loving our planet with style and elegance

Our Waste Bag Holders are designed to make you look stylish while walking your dog but also to last long, and that is why we can call them sustainable.

Made of 100% cotton - eco friendly printed. We are proud to tell you that our waste bag holders are handmade locally by the Catso & co team ( isn’t it cool to support a small shop trying to make big changes 🌍 ).

Our metal hardware are very strong, we make sure to pick the best quality ones so they will last very long and every bag come with an dispensing hole !

We encourage you to find some recycled plastic bags rolls to use with your Catso & co Poop Bag Holder, because each little actions made by a lot of people can become huge, and that is beautiful!