About us

☼ Welcome here ☼
My name is Marie and with my muse/cat/son/best friend Floki, we are Catso & co <3 
☼ Before talking more about the brand, I will tell you a little about the human behind. As I already said, my name is Marie, or, Marie-Kristine for the long version. I am in my late twenties. I’m from the cold but beautiful east Canada and I have absolutely no business or fashion background. I was actually a pilot student which has absolutely nothing to do with my actual life now.
☼ The idea of Catso & Co was born near May 2018. I was dreaming of creating my own Luxurious animals fashion brand, but where to start?!
☼ As far as I remember, I was always the shyest person in the room, and this was a HUGE break through for my creativity. I was hiding everything inside, from the most beautiful to the darkest. One thing led to another and I eventually developed an anxiety disorder and this is where I thought I would never be able to do anything with my life.
In May 2018, after the biggest panic attack of my existence, I decided that this would never run my life again. I told myself let’s do it! You have a dream and it has to become a reality! Therefore, Catso & co was finally created.
If you stalk our Instagram page a little, you will notice that our first few posts was me showing people the steps of the creation of my brand. It’s funny looking back now because, I had absolutely no idea of where I was going but it was fun to show.
☼ I knew three things : Catso would be more than just a brand, it would become a community!! Catso would spread love on a DAILY, and Catso would never stigmatized mental health. It would instead give itself the mission of talking about it the most positive way!
☼ Thank you so much for reading this. We hope we convinced you to try the work we make from our hands, from our souls, and from our hearts to yours.
☼ We 💖 you and can’t wait to see your cute photos wearing our creations!
Marie and Floki xoxo